The Reformation + 490

If anybody is paying attention, the title of this Blog, "Reformation 500", is intended to focus on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which will occur October 31, 2017. My thought is that it would be nice to be in Wittenberg on that date, along with a bunch of other people, remembering that great challenge to the entrenched powers of that day.

Of course, it is not 500 years, but 490 years from the date that Martin Luther first left his 95 theses on the door at Wittenberg. So today is sort of the beginning of a kind of count-down.

My hope and prayer is that Christians, especially Reformed Christians, will use these next 10 years to focus their hearts and minds on the Triune God who is the prime mover in every movement in church history.


chris said...

Hey, I ran across your page today. Just a word of encouragement- 490 is 70x7, and I would suggest that this is actually a more significant date than 500. 490 is what I believe, a beginning, and the 500 mark is the end of a shift- a new reformation in fact. Luther made a big dent in the religious deception of the enemy, but now its up to us to complete the job and return the church fully to the original apostolic message.
I have my opinions about what exactly that means, and theyre pretty good opinions too I think- but suffice it to say, the countdown has begun, as you say, and the changes have started already.

John Bugay said...

Hi Chris, I appreciate your comment and your encouragement.

I don't update this particular blog any more, but I continue to post on similar topics at triablogue.blogspot.com. Right now I'm working on a series dealing with the history of the earliest churches in Rome: