Whose version of the Bible is right?

Catholic Bibles have 72 books as all good school children learned in my day. The Protestant Bibles have 66. Who's right? And who should we believe about who's right?

Consider this short snippet (it's about 6 minutes long, with a little bit of audio, and mostly some pretty music):


Call Me Ishmael said...


I took note of your recent exchange with Elder Hoss at Reformed Catholicism. What was that all about?

John Bugay said...

Ishmael, as I said at the blog (there were comments in the "Oscar Cullman" thread as well), I got an email that my name had been mentioned there, and I responded to the individual who mentioned my name (Mule), and also, since I knew Tim Enloe from several years ago, I made a comment about that, too. Elder Hoss apparently took exception to my comments about Tim, and said so, quite loudly, if I may say. I do not frequent that blog, and likely won't go back.

Bret L. McAtee said...

This video is priceless.

Sooner or later these RCC guys are going to quit going out on limbs.